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  • The Defenders in Black and White

    The Defenders in Black and White

    Well, here's another one that ran away with itself. As is often the case, I started out with every intention of drawing a simple, single character piece, and it mutated into what you see here. I wish I could explain how that happens. It has something to do with my love of the characters and a desire to portray them to the best of my ability. 

    In any case, I am incredibly excited to see what Netflix brings us by way of the Defenders; Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Daredevil. I realized after I finished inking this piece that they're also adding The Punisher and Elektra to the mix, so I may end up coming back to these characters before long.

    I'll be moving onto digital colors soon, but I'm going to change gears and try to knock out a few other things before that happens. Stay Tuned!