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  • The Defenders; pencils

    The Defenders; pencils

    Netflix has only helped reaffirm my love of Marvel Comics with their Daredevil and Jessica Jones series. I am really looking forward to the next season of Daredevil and am anticipating the Iron Fist series with a sense of child like glee. Iron Fist is one of my favorite Marvel heroes, and it's a shame that he's not as well known as some other notables. Hopefully that will change with the advent of his series, and it's going to be one helluva thing when all the shows combine to give us The Defenders.

    I have to say, I'm a huge fan of Marvel's shared cinematic universe, even with it's drawbacks. Namely, the fact that writers' hands are a bit tied insofar as they have to make sure they're writing stories and characters that fit with the rest of Marvel's cinematic canon. It's a small price to pay, though, for the fantastic crossovers it's yielded thus far. Playing the long game in terms of taking time to set up an interconnected universe has proved to be a bold move that continues to pay off.

    Hopefully I'm doing the characters justice with this piece. Stay tuned for the next stage; INKS!